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To visit our showroom and get a free quote from one of our representative, please book your appointment online. it will take only 2 minutes.

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To visit our showroom and get a free quote from one of our representative, please book your appointment online. it will take only 2 minutes.

Windows and Doors Toronto

We can make any combination of  these doors

If you are looking for high quality windows and doors Windows and Doors Toronto is the company for you. We have 17 years’ experience manufacturing and installing doors as well as installing windows. We all know living in Canada requires us to have the highest quality windows available to deal with our harsh winters and ever-changing climate.

Windows and Doors Toronto installs nothing but the highest quality vinyl windows that can deal with whatever Canadian weather throws at us. The vinyl windows we install are capable of filtering out the heat in the summer and retaining the heat in your home in the winter. This is not possible with standard windows. They are made with premium heavy duty hardware and are extremely easy to clean. We also have many window styles to choose from. The hardest thing you will have to do is choose which style best fits your home and personality. Windows and Doors Toronto will do all the hard work. You can just sit back and watch as your home gets transformed by these highly insulated, quality made windows. There was a time when vinyl windows could only be purchased in white. We have different color choices to choose from, which will make your windows a definite conversation piece.

Windows and Doors Toronto manufactures and installs doors, exterior and front, with expertise and exceptional care.  Just like our vinyl windows the hardest thing you will have to do is determine which door suits your needs and expresses your personality. As you browse our extensive catalog and meet with our knowledgeable representatives you will be amazed at the choices available to you. Windows and Doors Toronto  has woodgrain fiberglass doors, arched fiberglass doors, smoothed fiberglass doors, stained-glass fiberglass doors, executive fiberglass doors, wrought iron fiberglass doors, custom fiberglass doors, 8 foot fiberglass doors, patio doors and modern doors. We also manufacture and install garage doors with the same care and attention you expect. The passion for our products will be crystal clear as you view them. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed.  We use the highest quality materials with attention to every detail, right down to the hardware that is used on every door that Windows and Doors Toronto manufactures. We are just as passionate about the locks that are installed on all of our doors as well. They are of the highest quality, ensuring the safety of your family with every turn of your key.

Our professional representatives have expert knowledge of all the styles we manufacture and install and will answer any questions you may have regarding our manufacturing and installing process. Windows and Doors Toronto is as passionate about their windows and doors as they are customer satisfaction.

Canadian weather can be very challenging. That is why every one of our doors and windows is energy-efficient and created with the highest quality materials to withstand anything Mother Nature throws our way. Windows and Doors Toronto wouldn’t settle for less and neither should you.

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To visit our showroom and get a free quote from one of our representative, please book your appointment online. it will take only 2 minutes.

Windows and doors Toronto

Windows and doors Toronto is a reputable company that supplies the best quality windows and doors for every property. We have been in operation for more than 18 years and we know the right type of doors or windows that will match any property. Clients always get satisfied when they come to us for doors and windows. Windows and doors Toronto is a company that believes that the doors and windows in your home should have maximum attention. However, in terms of security and artistic value, they help to add value to your home.

We supply not just quality but durable windows and doors that offer maximum protection for your property too. The Windows and doors Toronto has any type of modern doors you can think of. Our doors, are made with different types of materials to meet the needs and taste of all our clients. However, we have materials ranging from wrought iron, all types of fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminium and wooden doors too. For your window, our Vinyl Casement windows will meet your needs in every way.

The Windows and doors Toronto supplies different types of doors that are artistically pleasing. We have Woodgrain Fiberglass Doors, Executive Fiberglass Doors, Wrought Iron Doors, Modern Fiberglass Doors, Arch Fiberglass Doors, Fiberglass Garage Doors, Aluminium Garage Doors, 8-Foot Fiberglass Doors, Custom Fiberglass Doors, Smooth Fiberglass Doors, Rustic Fiberglass Doors, Patio Doors, Stained Glass Fiberglass Doors, with high quality Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel and Stained Glass Designs.

However, with the different types of doors available, you can choose the door you want based on the design and style of your house. The Windows and doors Toronto supplies doors of high quality materials that can enhance the beauty of your home. In fact, your guests will be astonished when they pay visit to you. Our doors are available in different colors, so there is no need to restrict yourself when choosing a particular color for your home.

Besides the artistic value that a modern and well-designed door from the Windows and doors Toronto can give to your home, another thing you need to look out for is the quality of the material used for that door. It is better to go for doors that won’t rust or need repainting soon. Choose doors made from high quality and durable materials.

Windows and doors Toronto also supplies high quality windows that matches all properties. In fact, modern windows with attractive designs and window sash is the right choice for every property. In addition to the artistic value that our windows give to your property, they also support proper ventilation, increase your energy efficiency, offer better security. Windows and doors Toronto supplies and installs different types of windows. We have the Casement Windows, Double Hung Windows, and Bay Windows.

However, if you are looking for a perfect replacement for your old doors and windows, you can contact us to give you the best. We have different types of windows and doors, with different designs and colors to meet your desire for a beautiful and attractive home.

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To visit our showroom and get a free quote from one of our representative, please book your appointment online. it will take only 2 minutes.


CASEMENT WINDOWS are increasingly becoming more popular. This kind of vinyl windows offers many benefits and they create a very big impact on every property they are installed. However, the type of windows you install in your home, determines what you will be spending on home energy, maintenance as well as repairs, but the fact is that with the CASEMENT WINDOWS from the Windows and Doors Toronto, you do not need to worry. There are many features and benefits of these types of vinyl windows, which makes them to be exceptional and more useful. Below are highlights of some of those unique features:

  1. Easier to Clean

In most cases, CASEMENT WINDOWS usually comes with a long pane of glass, making it very convenient for you to clean. Although some of the vinyl windows may have unique decorative strips, but they are still very easy to clean. What makes them very easy is that they can open up, so you can access any part of your window, both inside and outside. Another benefit of this is that there will be no obstruction or dirt in your window. In fact, nothing will prevent you from clearly viewing the outside of your home through your window, as your CASEMENT WINDOWS will always be clean, even with little maintenance.

  1. Better ventilation

Everybody likes to feel the cool breeze that is coming from the outside. In fact, it is natural and refreshes the skin. However, if you are looking for the type of window that offers better ventilation, which can also help you to keep your cooling cost down during summer, then it is the CASEMENT WINDOWS. This type of window opens all the way, just the way the door in your house opens. When the sash is open, the entire frame of your window becomes open too and this allows proper amount of air into your home. During the hot summer period, the CASEMENT WINDOWS will cause you to give your air conditioner some rest. In fact, all you need to do is to ensure that a couple of fans are working, and then open your windows. However, even in places that are damp like your bedrooms and basements, the area will have proper ventilation with this type of windows. Thus, the growth of mold in these places will be discouraged.

  1. Better security

In this present time, we all need proper security in our homes. In fact, when you have wooden windows installed in your homes, your mind will not be at rest when you go far from your home. The fact is that wooden windows do not offer better protection like the CASEMENT WINDOWS. The vinyl window goes with a strong hook that makes it to lock properly, so people cannot gain access into your home easily from the outside.

  1. Enhanced energy efficiency

With the CASEMENT WINDOWS in your home, our energy efficiency will improve tremendously. The Windows and Doors Toronto supplies the highest quality of windows that can transform your home.

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