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Imagine what it would be like to come home every night to your lovely home in Kitchener with custom front entry doors there to welcome you.  As you’re walking up the path from your car, you look up and see a beautiful door, a fitting reminder of all of your accomplishments, putting a big smile on your face just before you walk in to greet your loved ones.  You grasp the beautiful, glistening handle and hear the warm sounds of the voices of your loving family.

At Greentech Windows and Doors, we understand that a door isn’t just a door.  It’s the pathway to your loved ones, and it makes a major impression on those guests whom you welcome into your most personal of spaces.  Why settle for less when a custom door can create just the right image that you want for yourself and for those closest to you?

Do you know just the door you have in mind that would help with just the right touch to make your home exactly as you’d like it?  Do you have a better idea of the impression that you want to make than you do of what the right door is to make it?  Either way, our specialists are eager to help you in creating precisely the right door to suit your needs.

We create a wide variety of doors from simple, rustic looks to ornate stained glass.  You can decide which one best suits your house and the impression that you want to make.  Once you’ve chosen your door, we’ll take care of the building and installation of it so that it looks just right as the latest addition to your home.

Why wait?  Call us in Kitchener for custom front entry doors today.  We’ll give you a free quote, and you will have taken a big step toward making your home exactly as you’d like it now.

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