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Rustic Mahogany Fiberglass Front Ddoor with Transom installed in Oakville by Windows and Doors TorontoCombine your budget with function, style, and quality at Windows and Doors Toronto.  Manufacturing and installing windows and doors, throughout the Greater Toronto Area for 25 years.   Bring character and style to your home.  Whether it is vinyl windows, woodgrain, executive, modern, arch, custom, smooth, rustic, 8-foot, patio, or stained glass fiberglass doors, wrought iron doors, wrought iron, stainless steel, and stained glass designs, or aluminum and fiberglass garage doors our skilled team has you covered.

Our doors feature composite rails on all borders.  This eliminates rot, cracking, and bowing that is caused from moisture traditional wood doors are known for.  Surface texture includes oak, mahogany, and smooth finishes in realistic high definition embossed panels.  Laminate veneer Lumber (LVL) on each side of the door creates strong, worry-free, consistent, and moisture proof protection at Windows and Doors Toronto.  Wider lock blocks give added security against burglaries.  Composite styles offer twice the strength and are fully waterproof verse the traditional wood or steel door.  High-quantity door core supplies sound proofing and insulation to your home.  Our panel door designs increase your curb appeal and meet contractors and clients high expectations.  Come see for yourself at Windows and Doors Toronto.

Door jams are the vertical segment of the door frame into which the door is secured.  In other words, it is the first line of defense against a burglary.  A well-fitting door jamb contributes to reliable base for your door to hang from, but also completes your job once the trim is in place.  The full door jamb kit will make your door project easy to install and stress-free.  Windows and Doors Toronto are at your service.

Offering a wide range of finish and style options to fit your taste, from raised six panels to glass inserts.  Transoms and side lights can add elegance to your entry door.  All exterior doors frame, slab, sweep, threshold, rail, stile, panel, and keyway.  Let the experts at Windows and Doors Toronto navigate your through the door terminology and choices.

Why choose vinyl windows?  Beyond performance and energy savings, there is low maintenance, great insulating value, charm and characteristics of wood without the headaches, strength and durability, and excellent protection from rotting, corrosion, salt air, termites, and air pollutants.  Vinyl holds its finish and repeated use is no problem for years to come.  Vinyl won’t pit, peel, or flake like wood and with a quick wash it looks new again.  Consult your specialists at Windows and Doors Toronto today.

Need more reasons to go with vinyl windows over wood?  It is cheaper than a wood window.  Plus vinyl windows allow for greater flexibility in architectural and design choices.  Taylor the style, configuration, and color to your lifestyle and preference.  Set up an appointment with Windows and Doors Toronto now.

Looking for a new garage door?  Why not choose a fiberglass garage door.  These doors provide better insulation, durability, and strength.  With fiberglass garage doors because they are so strong, increase the range of door hardware and glass options available to you.  You can have the look and feel of wood without all the hassle.  Windows and Doors Toronto can assist you in person, on the phone, or on the web at anytime.






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